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Rize Belediye

Kackar  Mountain is located between Trabzon-Rize, 50km inland which is the second highest peak(3,932m) in Turkey after Mount Ararat (5,165m).  Ayder Yayla (Platue)  is  the last town where one can stay near the top which has pansions, hotels and hot spring of Turkish Bath. Ayder is the place  where you may start the trekking tours but make sure you get a tour guide before you do it.  The most popular trekking tour  starts  at Yukarı Kavrun and crosses the mountain to Barhal, Yusufeli (south side of the mountain) but only  can be done in June-August time frame and make sure you  have a tour guide to lead your way. You may get lost easily when there is a dense fog which  may happen several times a day!!!! You may still drive to edge of the mountain at Yukari Kavrun village but the road is very bumpy and only be  operational in the summer time, the 17 km road easily takes one hour of driving. In winter time,  people organize snow board  tours when a helicopter drops them off at the summit and they ski down  all the way to Ayder however, only the professional skiers can do it.

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