Budget Travel Ideas in Izmir

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Izmir is located on the western side of Turkey. Resting on the coastline of the Aegean Sea, this city is an important port and the third largest city in Turkey with over 3 million inhabitants. The city is rich with history, and the Mediterranean climate makes it a great place to be almost any time of year. Filled with museums and interesting historical sights, Izmir has become one of the most vibrant cities in the area. Because of its location, the city offers a mix of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern culture. A popular tourist destination, Izmir is a pretty good place to travel on a budget. 


Izmir is filled with cafes and restaurants, and the food tends to be good and quite reasonably priced. The waterfront is a great place to look for quality food, and other places include the Alsancak neighborhood and the Kemeralti Market. It is safe to drink the tap water, although if you have the money you can buy bottled water in stores to avoid the smell of chlorine that is in the regular water. Better that than getting sick, though. Food sanitation is taken very seriously in Turkey so you shouldn't have to be to wary of where you eat, and you can find some great food in the smaller stands and cafes.


Bargaining is part of Turkish culture, which is music to the ears of any true spendthrift. The Kemeralti Market is one of Izmir's oldest markets and a great place to find high quality goods for very decent prices. The Kemeralti is located in the Konak area of Izmir. Izmir also has modern shopping malls like the Konak Pier, but you won't be able to do any bargaining there and it's best to save your money. Izmir is also a great place to buy tobacco, as Turkish cigarettes and tobacco are cheap and very high quality.


One of the best budget friendly features of Izmir is that it is very friendly to pedestrians--which will significantly cut down your costs getting around the city. Some of the biggest attractions, additionally, are free of charge. These include the waterfront and the Kemeralti Market. Also check out Konak Square, which has some great historical buildings and is the home of the beautiful Clock Tower, one of Izmir's most famous landmarks. Built in 1901, the Clock Tower was built to celebrate the 25th year of the rule of Ottoman Sultan Abdulhamit I.
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