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Kariye Church

Kariye Church

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I have been travelling around a bit and have seen quite a few big cities with a long history in and around old Europe: Berlin, Paris, Rome, Madrid, Lisbon, Cairo and so many others. But there is one city that makes me coming back again and again - for more than 10 years now: Istanbul, the city on the straits, the city connecting two continents.  Also as Frank Sinatra says "  I would like to wake up a city which does not sleep" There are two cities  fits that catagory in the world; New York and Istanbul. If you are in the town try to cross the Bosphorous bridge at midnight or drive along the Bosphrous see the traffic, the city indeed does not sleep. The population is 12 million and everybody is on the road.

No matter how and from which side you approach the city, from Yesilköy by the airport bus or taxi, by train to the European train station Sirkeci or by ship through the Dardanelles: the moment will come when on the horizon the scenery of the peninsula will raise, the skyline of the mighty mosques. Believe me when I say, this is a moment you will never ever forget! Or as the poet says: "Istanbulu dinliyorum, gözlerim kapali" - I am listening to Istanbul, while having my eyes closed.

You need at least 1 full week to see the some main atractions; museums, parks, covered bazaar, old mosques and palaces etc.... The best time  to  visit the city between May- September time frame, and be sure  you take a boat tour along the Bosphorus, zig zaging the cannel towards north, all the way to Black Sea  Asia Site (Anadolu Kavagi).  It is called a bagger ship, it stops every sea port (a total of 10) and enjoy watching the mensions/ palaces, castels on the way  where you will pass under the two suspension bridges


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