Hatay Travel Guide

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You will find a very interesting mixture of cultures, languages and religions. (Turkish sunnis and alevis, druses, greeks, arbab orthodoxes, jewish synagoges, churches).

Nice beaches in Arsus, south of Iskenderun. People are very open-minded. Visit Antakya (the ancient Antiochia one of the first Christian communities). Visit the waterfalls at Harbiye (ask for the selale restaurants), have food with raki (turkish ouzo) and salgam suyu (red legume juice) - so you won't get a headache. Afterwards Turkish mocca with ice-cream k√ľnefe (surprise-you will love it!). The area is also famous for raw silk fabric and bay-tree soaps.  Most of the people in the area speak Arabic as a second language. A famous church is located in the city. Make sure that you visit the acheological museum and see Iskender the Great's tomb.


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