Getting Around in Turkey

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Turkey is a large country with a number of different ways to get around. Buses, the Dolmus, trains and taxis are all convenient forms of Turkey Transportation.


Buses can be found all around Turkey. They're chea,p and they connect to major regional hubs that offer both day and night services. However, only two of the bus companies in Turkey are able to sell return bus tickets. Return tickets, seats, and departure times should be secured as soon as you get to your destination to avoid being stranded at that location.


Minibuses are more expensive than public buses, but cheaper than taxis. One thing to keep in mind is that women are not allowed to sit next to men on these minibuses.

The Dolmus

The Dolmus is a type of shared taxi that is very inexpensive, and allows for interaction with different people. Destinations are written on the front of the Dolmus, and fares are posted above the driver’s head. One problem is that if there is an excess of luggage, travel may be uncomfortable. Also, the Dolmus stops running relatively early, which can make planning difficult. The Ankara-Istanbul train allows booking of couchettes for two as well as berths in 4- or 6-person sleeper carriages.  


Taxis can provide very easy transportation for travelers in Turkey. Just make sure the meter is zeroed out and working properly before departing. There is a Day Rate (Gunduz) in effect from 7:00 a.m. to midnight. The night rate differs from the day rate, and both rates vary from town to town. Taxis are good alternatives for women traveling alone at night, although women are advised to exit the car if the taxi driver takes on another passenger.

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