Budget Travel Ideas in Fethiye

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A great spot to stop on your trip to Turkey is Fethiye. Budget travel ideas abound here where there are many free and inexpensive activities throughout the city, along with budget accommodations and food. Fethiye gets its acclaim as a top nightspot and marina justly, as it is a beautiful, picturesque and lively location worth visiting.

Budget Activities in Fethiye

Must-see activities in Fethiye include visiting the cave tombs, the Lycian sarcophagus, the Roman theater and the fortress. Here the visitor can explore the ancient burial practices of the original inhabitants, view the original walls of the 11th century fort and explore the 2nd century theater's original stage and cavea.

Known as a beach paradise, the beach activities abound. With warm water temperatures throughout the summer here, the water is right for swimming and many other activities. Though swimming and lounging on the beach are by far the most budget options, there are many water activities here if you want to splurge. Canoeing, para-sailing and paragliding are just a few of the featured sports.

Outdoor enthusiasts will love the hiking in the area. The city is situated at the beginning of the Lycian Way, a 500 km marked trail that runs all the way to Antalya. This is a great spot to do a short hikes and enjoy the natural setting and beautiful scenery.

Budget Eating in Fethiye

There are many great meat and vegetarian options around the city. Look for traditional Turkish restaurants for the best value, as well as great taste. Check out the fish market in the center of town where there are many small restaurants that will cook the fish you select to order for a good price.

Budget Lodging in Fethiye

Yildirim Guest House is located near the center of town and offers reasonable rates for its guests. Rooms start at about $15 per person for a double or triple room, while dorm-style beds start at just $10 per night.

Budget Travel To Fethiye

You can travel easily and inexpensively to Fethiye via bus. There are direct connections from many cities around Turkey, including Izmir, Bodrum, Antalya, Marmaris and Istanbul. A trip from Istanbul will take about 14 hours and cost around $40.

Though a beach paradise and popular holiday location for British tourists, Fethiye does not have to be prohibitively expensive like many other beach cities. There are many budget opportunities to make your trip to this lively locale inexpensive and enjoyable.

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