Family Travel Ideas in Turkey

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The summer time is the best opportunity to plan side family travel in Turkey. There is so much for the family to do and see. The whole vacation will be memorable for everyone in the family and a great cultural experience for the younger members.

Explore the Ancient Land

Are you interested in temples of Apollo historical museums, archaeology and excavations, Sun, sand, and plenty of opportunity to explore an ancient land? Turkey is going to give all this to you and more. Start from Istanbul to see the sun soaked land of Cappadocia and other points through mountains and grasslands.

Ruins, Temples, and Towns

View the amazing ruins of cities, temples, and towns going back to the Greek and Roman periods. Visit the ancient areas of Troy, Miletus, and even Antalya, which was the favorite picnic spot of Antony and Cleopatra. Decide to discover the archaeological museums, Hadrian's gate, and even the house, where Mary spent her last days.

Hagi Sofia

Definitely plan not to miss all the famous attractions of Turkey in the shape of the Hagi Sofia, which has been a church, mosque and is now a museum and the Palace of the Ottoman rulers built in the 15th century. This one site could take hours to visit and see all of the ornate details that it offers for viewing.

Biblical Land of Cappadocia

Apart from this, side family travel in Turkey is going to be quite adventurous when you visit Cappadocia, where you are going to see the whirling dervishes dance. Watch the performances in traditional folklore available in this area. Exploring the biblical land of Cappadocia is going to be a good experience in itself and provide numerous hours of adventure for the family.


Enjoy the area of Dalyan with the kids while taking a trip by wooden boat to the nearby Iztutu beach. The village located by the river also houses the Lycian tombs that are seen in the cliffs carved within and lined by the river. Relax in the local hot springs as well as mud bath areas.


Play in the sun on this well known beach. The scenic view is stunning with the beautiful waters featuring turquoise and filled with plenty of water sports. When travelling in summer time for side family travel, taxi a boat over to Butterfly Valley. During the times of June to September, there are a lot of Jersey tiger unique butterflies.

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