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Denizli is the second fasted-growing city in the Aegean region.  Though not yet a big city, Denizli is worth a spot on your travel itinerary.  If you are looking for a tranquil atmosphere and a little bit of "people watching", this is the place to be.  The rooster has become a symbol for the city of Denizli , often you will find as many roosters around the city.

An extra incentive to visit Denizli is Pamukkale.  This "Cotton Castle", known as Pamukkale,  is located approximately 20 kilometers  North of  Denizli .  The calcium carbonate rich  hot spring water comes down the mountain evaporates and forms white (Cotton castle) travertine deposits, from a distance looks like a cotton.  The sight as you arrive to Pamukkale is breath-taking.  Also the famous Hierapolis ancient city is located in the area.

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