Cruises in Turkey

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This area of Eastern Europe is known for its scenic beauty and in Turkey, cruises are one of the best ways to explore this beauty. There are countless cruise companies that offer a variety of cruises to locals and tourists ranging from boat rentals and short day cruises to week long, all inclusive luxury cruises. Whatever your budget, age, family preferences and time limits, there is a cruise to fit everyone in Turkey.

Gullet Cruises

Gullets are Turkish style sailing ships that are used along the Turkish coast for guided tours and private sails. One popular sailing company in Turkey is Bodrum Blue Cruises. This charter company offers private gullet rentals which is perfect for family or group outings. With private gullets, you only have to worry about you and your family or friends and have the freedom to explore bits of the coastline that you prefer versus what is scheduled in a guided tour. If you're more on a budget and a time constriction, reserving a cabin instead of the entire gullet will be more to your liking. Whichever you chose, you will be sure to enjoy the beauty of this spectacular coastline along the Mediterranean Sea, Gulf of Gokova and the Agean Sea.

MSC Magnifica Cruise

If luxury is what you're after, look no further than a cruise on the MSC Magnifica. Combining luxury with comfort and technology, this magnificent ocean liner sails along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Debarking in Turkey, the liner spends the first day of this 4 day cruise along the shoreline in Turkey and the second at sea. The third day you visit Croatia and the fourth and final day, the ship stops in romantic Venice, Italy. The cost of the cruise includes all meals, accommodations and activities. This cruise ship features a relaxing spa, 3 swimming pools, tennis and basketball courts, 5 restaurants, countless bars and lounges, a  1,200-seat theater, a casino and a disco. Whether enjoying the scenery from the decks or enjoying one of the many activities offered on board, this cruise is sure to impress.

Boat Rentals

If renting a smaller boat for you and your family and/or friends is more to your liking and within your budget, there are a number of charter companies and privately owned boat rental businesses along the coastline that are more than happy to cater to your needs. Yachts, catamarans, gullets and monohulls are some of the most popular boats to rent in Turkey. One of the best places to rent these boats is along a strip of coast line known as the Turkish Riviera. This area features deep, quiet bays perfect for fishing and sailing and shallow waters ideal for taking a quick dip.

Thanks to its potentially crucial position on the Mediterranean, from both the Asian as well as the European point of view, Turkey side cruises can be considered to be the crossroad of the civilized nations offering the best of both worlds. That is the reason why it is extremely a very much in demand tourist spot for people looking for the sun, the sand, and cruises on the sea. So if you are in the mood for either long-term Turkey side cruises or short term cruises, you are definitely going to have something to suit every budget. Pick Your Itinerary Private yachts are available for rental for families that would like to have their own boat, away from the crowds. The private yachts are comfortable and offer nice amenities with the ability to take all the time needed to visit areas in Turkey. They often offer the most travel to areas along the coast, providing the visitor with plenty of scenic views of the coastline. Gulet Cruises Gulet cruises are ideal for families or even single people that wish to visit Turkey. These are somewhat like houseboats only offer mostly single occupant cabins and several amenities to guests. Gulet Turkey side cruises typically are the ones that travel to certain areas in Turkey along the coast. Plan to visit all of the major areas that appeal to tourists aboard these cruises. They offer some of the best visits to the local area and best tourist attractions. Turkey really takes more than just one or two days to explore. Istanbul Istanbul is usually the port of call in the Turkey side cruises that stop there. This city has much to offer tourists to see. Cruises in the region usually last a week or more and include stops from several countries. Istanbul captivates visitors by visiting the Haggia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, and the Blue Mosque. A trip to Istanbul typically should last for more than just a day. Turkey and Other Countries Many of the larger cruise lines offer a visit to Turkey while also travelling to other countries including Italy and Greece. These Turkey side cruises can offer a brief glimpse into the historic ruins and palace that exists in Turkey. Many offer the ability to extend the travel by a night or two if you wish to discover more about this region. The amenities aboard the cruises with luxury liners are certainly among the best and offer the most entertainment while aboard.

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