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Inside an ancient church, Goreme

Inside an ancient church, Goreme

Adil Soni

Cappadocia is one of the most exciting destinations in  central  Turkey, 200 km SE of Ankara. This is the region where the famous   "fairy chimneys" are located . The  Cappadocia valley was first filed with  volcanic ashes  10 miilion years  ago from a nearby Erciyes volcanic mountain.  Most of the pictures you will see  are covered with white rocks, like snow. Those are  white ashes  called tuffs in geology  and those rocks  were eroded by rain, wind and rivers  in 10 million  year and also some  erosion was done by people where  they  dug  houses and churces.  It was a hiding place  for  early Christianty during 100 AD.   In the area,  there are about 2000  churces dug underground. The churces are  very small, less than  for 20 people.

Ürgüp- Göreme-Uçhisar have the best accommodation for exploring the area. The most spectacular sights are located within the triangle (Goreme). Urgüp and Goreme is the true heart of Cappadocia and if you want to see more than just the standard tour you should go there. You probably need  at least 4-5 days  to see the whole area. Recently  there are several hot air ballons  in the area  surves for the tourist in the summer time and you should  go up to  air  and enjoy the  view, hovering or the valley  and take lots of pictures.

Just south of the above mentioned towns the underground cities of Derinkuyu and Kaymakli are extremely fascinating. Also  make sure you visit  Ihlara Valley while in the  area. Ihlara Valley was first filled with Basalt lava flow from a nearby HasanDag volcanic Mountain  and  later erosion took place by the river  and  the whole valley is  about 100 m deep  due to erosion. The rocks in and around the valley was  made by  fractured basalts and those  were  easy to be eroded  due to  water  and wind.

The area is also  famous of its  wine  and Turkish carpets.


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