Anamur Travel Guide

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Anamur is located 150km East of Alanya. Anamur  occupied by Alexander the Great in 333 BC and the  city name was changed to "Anemurium" which means windy Penninsula.In 100 BC the ciry was ruled by the Byzantinus. Seljuk Turks occupied the city in 1228 and later  became an Ottoman city.

The most important historical the Romans in site is the Anamur or Mamure castle, it is located 7km SE of Anamur. The castle was built by the Romans in 300 AD. The castle was rebuilt by the Ottomans in 15 century.  The castle has 39 towers,  a mosques was built in the middle of the castle in 1221  by Karamao─člu. The city  famous for its banana trees and strawberry fields.



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