Top 5 Must Do's in Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Arabia is a beautiful land of deserts and oceans that due to its size and small population has very clean air and water. There are enough Saudi Arabia must do’s to keep tourists very busy.

Visit the Desert

The Saudi Arabia desert is full of amazing sand dunes, fantastic valleys, clean air and few people for those who want to be alone. Tourists with proper guides can travel through the desert by truck, horse, or camel. The cost of guides varies dramatically depending on the location, transportation and the tourists bargaining skills but they are usually reasonable to most tourists budgets. In the desert visitors can participate in festivals, camping, races, and exploring the small villages and oases that fill the edge of the deserts.

Visit the Beach

With the Red Sea in the West, and the Arabian Gulf in the East, Saudi Arabia has 2,500km of coastline. The beaches of Saudi Arabia are a must do for tourists. The warm ocean currents make swimming a year round event when visiting Saudi Arabia. Many beaches are privately owned so checking with hotels and locals to find the best place to swim is important. Most hotels offer boat tours and equipment for water sports for a small fee. Small boating companies are also popular, offering jet skis, motor boats.  

National Museum of Saudi Arabia

The National Museum showcases Saudi Arabia’s history using rock art, royal tombs, and scale models of the various holy mosques and castles. Housed in eight galleries visitors may see all of the kingdoms history in a day tour. The museum uses state of the art equipment to help make it a must do for tourists. Pushing a button will give tourists a high tech views of ancient sites and watch historical documentaries

Madain Saleh Cemetery

With 131 tombs on a series of tall rock formations the Madain Saleh Cemetery is a must do for Saudi Arabia tourists. The dry desert air has kept the tombs remarkably well preserved and many of the tombs still show in Arabic who is buried within them. The trip to the cemetery is also a fascinating trip through the desert.

Al Musmak Castle

A heritage center and museum it is located in the capital city of Riyadh. In 1319AD the castle was handed over to the first king of Saudi Arabia and marked the beginning of the kingdom. It is controlled by the Ministry of Education which uses it to help spread knowledge of Saudi Arabia’s history.  Contributor Daniel Clarke

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