Sights in Saudi Arabia

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Given the ancient heritage and cultural excellence of this part of the globe, Saudi Arabia sights are sure to astound. Whether you want to explore the monuments of the early stages of several of the world's major religions or enjoy the more contemporary sights, you will not be disappointed with what Saudi Arabia has to offer.

The Holiest Place in the Muslim World

Considered to be at the very heart of the Muslim religion, Masjid Al Haram is located in Mecca, the holiest city. The English translation of Haram is "sanctuary," and for this reason, non-Muslims are not allowed in but are permitted to look at the mosque from afar. This is still a very rewarding experience, indeed. In the dead center of the Masjid Al Haram's courtyard lies the Kaaba, the most significant shrine in the religion and culture of Islam.

Mohammad's Mosque

This structure was built by the Prophet Mohammad himself, Masjid an-Nabi (aka al-Madina an-Nabi), and is known in English as the Prophet's Mosque. Muslims and non-Muslims alike will revel in the spiritual magnificence of this very best of Saudi Arabia sights.

The Tallest Fountain in the World

Officially ranked by the Guinness Book of Records as the tallest structure of its kind, King's Fountain is Jeddah's main landmark, and was built in 1980 on the orders of the great King Fahd bin Abdul Aziz. Although not as historical as other attractions in Saudi Arabia, it is a must-see for any traveler.

A Natural Oddity

No visit to the Kingdom can be complete without a trip to the natural oddity that is the Wahba Crater, a giant hole in the ground with its own water source and brilliant white sodium phosphate crystals at its bed. It is thought by scientists to have been been created by either a meteorite crashing into the locale thousands of years ago, or subterranean volcanic activity. Either way, the Wahba Crater, which is 1.86 miles wide and 700 feet high at its sides, ranks highly among Saudi Arabia sights.

Ancient Graffiti

Travel just 2 hours southwest of Riyadh and you can find some astonishing rock carvings, the oldest of which are around 8,000 years old. These decorations tell us much about the peoples of the Neolithic era of prehistory, the tools and weapons they used, the details of their everyday lives, the animals they hunted, and their religious rituals. This is not a well publicized example of Saudi Arabia sights but it is definitely one worth checking out if you are traveling to the region.


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Masmak Castle is in Saudi Arabia. It is now a museum. To learn more about this sight, go to Type in "Masmak Castle in Saudi Arabia"

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