Riyadh Museum

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In the Ethnographic Hall is a large model of the Masmakh Fortress, which is central to the history of modern Saudi Arabia. This was the fort in Riyadh that Abdul Aziz and his followers captured in January 1902, thus returning the Al-Saud to a position of power in their homeland. (They had spent the previous 10 years in exile in Kuwait.) Besides the model of the fort, the display includes carved and painted doors from Qassim, the area north of Riyadh, and Qatif, a town which was once a major port on the Gulf. There are also clothes, musical instruments, weapons, traditional cooking utensils, woven bags and some jewellery. The main hall is well organised with signs in both Arabic and English. The periods covered range from the Stone Age to early Islamic times. In one room, there is an interesting display of Islamic architecture.
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tel:+966 1 402-0303
openings:Open Saturday to Wednesday from 8am to 2pm. Admission is free.

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