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Nabataean Tombs Mada'in Saleh

Nabataean Tombs Mada'in Saleh


If there is one highlight to be visited in the Kingdom, it is Mada'in Saleh, about 400 km North of Medina in the direction of Tabuk and the Jordanian border. Mada'in Saleh is home to approximately 140 magnificent tombs of Nabataean origin, comparable to Petra in Jordan, yet located in a different type of setting. Whereas in Petra the tombs are essentially squeezed into a narrow canyon, in Mada'in Saleh they are spread out over a large open desert space, dotted with sandstone rocks in which the tombs have been carved. Two or three half days are absolutely required to properly visit the place. A permit to visit must be arranged in advance, and can be taken care of by the hotel in nearby Al Ula, where several possibilities of accommodation are available. The visit of the archeological area requires a car, not necessarily a 4WD though. Within the bounderies of the archeological site there is also a restored main station of the Ottoman Hejaz Railway, constructed between 1900 and 1908 to connect Damascus and Medina, for pilgrims and for military purposes (which is why it was specifically targeted during the Great War by Lawrence of Arabia and his beduin rebels).

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