When to Go in Jeddah

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This Jeddah-when to go guide will help tourists decide an appropriate time to visit this Saudi Arabian city. Jeddah’s climate can be divided into summer and winter.

Summer Months

Jeddah has a tropical kind of climate, and summer tends to be much longer here compared to any other city in Saudi Arabia. Summer lasts for 8 to 10 months, usually from March to September.

Because the city is located very close to the coast, the summer months tend to have high temperatures and high levels of humidity. In fact, humidity levels during these months can go as high as 98%, and relief from the hot humid temperatures is only in the evenings when cool breezes come to the city from the sea. Summer temperatures usually exceed 40 degrees in the day and go down to about 30 degrees at night. If you don't like the heat, it is best not to travel to Jeddah in June or July, when its the hottest.

Winter Months

The weather in Jeddah becomes much more pleasant during the winter months from November till March. Winter in Jeddah is a lot like the summer and spring seasons of the Mediterranean Sea resorts. Winter nights in Jeddah can get quite chilly, with temperatures falling to about 15 degrees, but during daytime, temperatures rise to around 25 degrees. These temperatures, with the balmy winds blowing from the sea, make winters in Jeddah quite enjoyable. Because of this, most tourists prefer to visit the city during the winter season.


Jeddah doesn’t have a specific rainy season, but the city does experience a small amount of rainfall, usually in December. The city also experiences heavy thunderstorms in winter, which are mostly accompanied by light drizzles. Light rainfall is also experienced in fall and spring because of the passage of low pressure systems from west to east.


Due to Jeddah’s coastal location on the Red Sea’s shore, the prevailing winds over the city are mostly the northwest winds. These tend to be light to moderate, and last for most part of the year. Southern winds blow during fall, spring and winter occasionally. These are usually accompanied by an increase in temperature. Sometimes, these winds get active; their speeds are known to cause great sandstorms in the city. Southern winds may also be accompanied by heavy rain and thunderstorms during winter.

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