Top 5 Must Do's in Jeddah

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Here is a list of Jeddah must do’s for travelers visiting this picturesque city in Saudi Arabia.

1. Jeddah Fountain

Also known as King Fahd’s Fountain, this is one of the most stunning landmarks in Jeddah. The fountain measures about 853 feet, and is known to hold the record for the tallest fountain in the world. It was originally built to complement the glory and beauty of the Salam Palace. The most special feature of this striking structure is that it does not operate with fresh water like regular fountains. Instead, the Jeddah Fountain operates on seawater. The fountain dominates the city’s skyline, and looks great at night when illuminated.

2. Al Balad

For an authentic experience of Jeddah, tourists should take a trip to this historical area in the city, which translates to "The Town." Al Balad is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city, as it is reminiscent of towns described in the fascinating Arabian Nights stories. About 2,500 years ago, Al Balad was a fishing village where Quda’a fishermen tribes settled down. Today, it has become a cosmopolitan city where western splendor and Arabic traditionalism blend easily. This is also the perfect place for tourists to shop due to its many retail outlets, shopping centers and street vendors.

3. Floating Mosque

One of the must-do’s in Jeddah is visiting the Floating Mosque. This is not only a popular attraction for tourists, but also one of the most sacred sites in the city. The mosque is situated on the Corniche, which runs along the coast line of the Red Sea. The reason for the name is that the mosque appears to be floating in the water during high tide. The beautiful architecture and interior décor of the Floating Mosque makes it an attraction worth visiting by visitors of all faiths.

4. Makkah Gate

This is another popular tourist attraction in Jeddah whose origin dates back to the history of the city. Located in downtown Jeddah, this gate is also known as Sham Gate and Bab Ashlam and is a prominent sight to visit in the country. The design and architecture of the Makkah Gate is largely influenced by Turkey. This gate serves as a gateway to numerous pilgrims and tourists that come into the city. Tourists and pilgrims are also offered ideal hospitality as they come through the gate.

5. Beit Nassif

For a pleasant experience of old meets new architecture, tourists must visit the Beit Nassif in Jeddah. This five-storey structure dates back to mid 1880s, and is one of the most popular places in the city. In 1990, Beit Nassif, along with a few other old houses, was renovated in an attempt to preserve old structures for promoting cultural tourism. Beit Nassif is a wonderful blend of modernity and traditional architecture, making it a wonderful tourist attraction.

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