Things to do in Jeddah

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Here is a Jeddah things to do guide which will make your stay in the city well worth the trip.

Scuba Diving

Adventurous travelers should certainly try scuba diving, a pastime which has added to the popularity of Jeddah as a tourist destination. Jeddah is situated near the Red Sea, so the flora and fauna seen in Jeddah is similar to that seen in Egypt’s Red Sea Coast. However, the sea at Jeddah is rather secluded compared to Egypt’s Red Sea Coast, which makes it even better for diving. You can get a glimpse of untouched corals, or explore the "Chicken Wreck," which is a shipwreck found at a depth of 10 to 18 meters. Other diving sites are located about one hour out to the sea via boat.

Do not forget to wear a 5 mm wet suit with a hood if you are planning to try scuba diving during the winter season. It can be quite cold during the winter, when water temperatures drop down to 22°C.

Signing up for a trip with Desert Sea Drivers is a great idea if you'd like to go diving. This is a renowned diving outfit situated 40 km north of Jeddah that uses three custom-built dive boats. These trips include a delicious lunch in addition to the dives.

Explore the Sail Island

Sail Island is a new tourist attraction situated on the corniche at the Red Sea. This park, which is covered with sail-like tents, encompasses an area of around 4,000 square meters. You can enjoy a pleasant time beneath the shade offered by these tents. This island also houses a swimming pool and various recreational facilities, and is open both day and night. You can have your lunch in this complex inside the restaurant pavilions. Sail Island is a great tourist destination for children and teenagers alike.

Al Balad

Al Balad, or the Old Town, is one of Jeddah’s most popular tourist sites. This town consists of ancient buildings and markets. Al Balad also has several coral houses. However, these corals are not in good condition. You can wander around the old town on foot and get a glimpse of Jeddah culture as you discover the streets of Al Balad.

Shopping at Tahlia Street

A visit to Jeddah is certainly incomplete without a shopping excursion to Tahlia Street, the main fashion and shopping market. This shopping street is cluttered with several department shops and fashion boutiques. World-famous brands are also available here, as is high quality gold.

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