Sights in Jeddah

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Tourists who are looking for some of the best Jeddah sights to visit will find the following guide very helpful. It highlights some of the most popular destinations in this beautiful city.

The Red Sea

This is definitely one of the must-visit sights for tourists in Jeddah. A walk along the Jeddah Corniche, which stretches for about 35 km, especially in the night, is an ideal way to get a view of the Red Sea. Also referred to as an "underwater tropical forest," the Red Sea has spectacular marine life and exquisite coral reefs. This makes it an ideal place for scuba diving for tourists who are looking for something a little more exciting than just sitting on a beach.

Floating Mosque

This is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the city of Jeddah. Located right next to the Red Sea, the structure gives visitors the impression that it is floating in water when the tide is high. The exterior is a brilliant white, and its interior is decorated beautifully. The floating mosque is not just a popular tourist attraction, but also one of the most marvelous and sacred destinations in Jeddah. It is equipped with modern facilities like sound systems and hot showers for the winter season.

Al Balad

Jeddah is known for its rich history and culture. Tourists who want to learn more about this should make it a point to visit Al Balad. As one of the oldest districts in the city, Al Balad includes traditional architectural splendors that date back about 2,000 years ago. Many of the structures here have been renovated. Some of the ancient houses here are made with sea shells and corals as a significant reminder of the region’s fishermen tribes.

Beit Nassif

This mystical structure is one of the most popular houses in Jeddah. Built in the mid 1880s, the Beit Nassif House is a five-storey building that displays the city’s rich historical past and architecture. The Beit Nassif was once owned by a merchant clan, which was one of the most powerful families in Jeddah. In 1990, the structure was renovated in an attempt to preserve it as a historical piece of Jeddah’s architecture. Today it offers tourists an ideal opportunity to discover a wonderful blend of conventional architecture and modernity.

Souq al-Alawi

Located off the Al-Dahab street, Souq al-Alawi is the most traditional and extensive markets in the Kingdom of Jeddah. Tourists should visit this place to see the kind of life people here lived centuries ago. You will find market stalls that have been cut into the center of the city and beautiful old houses that tower skywards. The place is filled with pilgrims and traders from across the desert and sea. Tourists can get a glimpse of Arabia at its best if they visit Souq al-Alawi during sunset.

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