Senior Travel in Jeddah

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Following is a Jeddah senior travel guide that will help older tourists make the most of their trip to this beautiful Arabian city.

Traveling within the City

The best way for older tourists to travel within the city is by taxi. The usual yellow taxis are inexpensive and are suitable for traveling short distances. A 10 minute taxi ride costs approximately $2 to $4. For a more comfortable ride, especially for longer journeys, it is better for older tourists to hire limousine taxis. These taxis are white in color and air conditioned. They provide better comfort, particularly on hot summer days and cost just about $1 to $3 more than regular taxis. Senior travelers can even rent a car if they choose to travel on their own. Rates range from about $30 to $50 for an entire day.


No matter what time of the year you visit Jeddah, you’ll never find a shortage of good accommodation. Of course, prices go up a great deal during the Hajj season. But older tourists visiting Jeddah at other times of the year can find numerous hotels that offer comfortable and luxurious accommodation at reasonable rates. As traveling is not a problem in Jeddah, older travelers can choose to stay in just about any hotel that suits their budgets or requirements.


Jeddah is a beautiful city and older tourists can see the architecture of both, modern and older buildings and structures. Some of the historical sites that tourists should visit here include the Souq al-Alawi and the old town, Al Balad which offer a glimpse into the city’s past life. Visiting the Floating Mosque is a must for tourists of all ages in Jeddah. If you’re looking for something more exciting, scuba diving in the Red Sea is a good idea. Tourists will see beautiful coral reefs and exquisite flora and fauna here. Older tourists looking for something more relaxing can stroll by the Jeddah Corniche which offers excellent views of the Red Sea. Take a trip to Tahliya’s main shopping street where you can buy a wide range of interesting items.


Older travelers will not have any problems finding a decent restaurant in Jeddah. There are numerous restaurants that serve all kinds of cuisines including Italian, Chinese and Lebanese, besides the local food. There are budget, mid range and expensive restaurants that tourists can choose from. Al Baik which is famous for its roasted chicken is one of the most popular fast food restaurants in Jeddah. Older tourists who prefer to stick to the basic fast food need not be disappointed either. Jeddah has several American fast food eateries like McDonald’s, Subway and Applebees.

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