Practical Information in Jeddah

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There are many things people need to know about Jeddah and practical information is one of them. Jeddah is a Muslim city. The religion plays a crucial role on the life of the inhabitants of the land. For this reason, tourists need to follow the strict codes of conduct of the land in order to avoid any problems with the local population and the local authorities. This does not mean that people cannot have fun in Jeddah. There are many different bars in the country and there are places where the rules are a bit relaxed. However, women should be dressed in a modest manner. In some places, women are required to wear a scarf to cover their head and in some places women are required to cover their face. Any clothing that is too tight or that reveals the shape of the woman's body should be avoided, especially when visiting any religious sites.

Transportation and Money

Depending on the time of the year and the current market situation, a United States Dollar is the equivalent of $4.00 Saudi Arabian Riyals. The cost of living is relatively low compared to American or European standard. For example, if a person hires a taxi cab and travels around 20 miles the fair is around $10 American Dollars. The local food will cost around the same, while people can also rent a fairly good room for the night for around $200 SR in Jeddah. This practical information is useful for any traveler.

Most of the taxis are small mini-vans that will travel to different destinations. The good part is that if people want be fancy, they can rent a limousine which will cost around $15 USD. However, hiring a taxi can take away the fun and excitement of the trip and takes away from the cultural experience. People can ride a taxi cab in their own country, but if people take a bus in Jeddah, they can mingle with the local people and they can enjoy the chatter and the music that is native to Jeddah.

Fun attractions in Jeddah

Despite all of the religious restrictions, Jeddah is a fun place - that is if people follow the rules. There are many water parks that offer lots of fun to the attendants. Jungle Land is an amusement park that also provides lots of fun, the circus inside the theme park is wonderful, they also have bungee jumping and different roller-coaster-rides that are tons of fun.

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