Nightlife and Entertainment in Jeddah

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Jeddah nightlife is very different from that of other places. There is no doubt that it is the most cosmopolitan city in Saudi Arabia. However, as it follows the Islamic religion, people in the city are forbidden from handling and consuming alcohol. Due to this, there are no bars, discos or nightclubs here. The good thing is that Jeddah nightlife is not completely non-existent, as there are other ways to pass your time before going to bed.

Eating Out

This is probably the most favorite pastime for Saudi families, especially at Al Corniche and Maghreb. Dining in restaurants is considered an ideal way for families to get together and chat while having delicious, substantial meals. Fattah Restaurant is one of the most popular restaurants in Jeddah. Freshly baked flatbread and shish kebabs are some of the dishes to try here. Besides this, Al-Nakheel, Al-Falah, Al-Zawaq and Al-Baik are some of the other popular restaurants in Jeddah. While traditional cuisine is most common in restaurants, tourists will find places serving other cuisines like Lebanese, Chinese, Filipino, and other continental dishes.


Strolling by the beaches, especially the Corniche, is a popular way of enjoying the Jeddah nightlife. The Corniche is lit exceptionally well at night so that visitors can enjoy a visual treat with its open-air sculptures. Tourists will find numerous handcarts on beaches selling spicy chickpeas, fizzy drinks and candy floss. Visitors can walk on the beach or sit near it and enjoy the breeze and sights all around them. On floodlit nights, tourists can enjoy the view of the King’s Fountain, which has a water jet of 261 meters. Being the largest fountain in the world, it can be seen from a very far distance without much difficulty. Many locals also frequent beaches in the night to smoke traditional water pipes and play cards.

Shopping Malls

Jeddah boasts of numerous shopping malls where tourists can spend their time. With prices ranging from very cheap to very expensive, tourists can find clothing, shoes, accessories, or just about anything they want at these malls. The good thing is that shopping malls are open till quite late, making them an ideal hangout for women.


There are several cafes in Jeddah that serve coffee and light snacks. Some of these cafes also offer visitors hookahs till late night. Tourists will also find cafes that offer traditional Middle Eastern tobacco pipes, which is popular among most Saudi men. An important thing for tourists to remember is that Jeddah’s nightlife only begins after the sunset prayer.

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