Museums in Jeddah

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When you want know about the history of Jeddah the museums of the city are a good place to visit. It has been occupied by many different civilizations and the architecture of the city is a testament of this. There are many different museums and exhibitions in the city, some of them are old palaces that now serve as museums. 

The Municipality Museum in Jeddah

This palace is one of the most prominent Jeddah museums in the city. In this place it is possible to see the cultural influence that the British Empire had on Jeddah. The museum was built around 2000 years ago and functioned as a palace for some years. The outside of the museum was made out of coral from the Red Sea. There are three major and rare photography exhibitions about the city in this museum.

The Khalil Raouf Abdul's Museum

This museum houses thousands of artifacts that can be dated back from the founding of the city as a settlement dating back to the Stone Age to present time. The artifacts show the history of the city. There are three major sections in the museum: the first one shows the Saudi influence on the city's past, the second one shows the influence the Ottoman Empire had on Jeddah and the third one shows the influence that European powers had had on Jeddah. The museums help people understand the culture and the people living in Jeddah.

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