History in Jeddah

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The city of Jeddah is one of the largest commerce points and one of the most important urban centers in the western part of Saudi Arabia. It is believed that the name for the city, "Jeddah," comes from the Arabic word for "grandmother". The name was given to the city because, according to early folk stories, the tomb of Eve (Islam's first woman created on Earth) is found in this city. Read on to learn more about Jeddah history.

The Stone Age to the Advent of Islam

It is believed that Jeddah had its beginnings in the Stone Age; there are many different excavations of sites with artifacts that can be dated all the way back to 500 years B.C. Jeddah became a prominent city after the founding of Islam, since Jeddah offers a passageway into one of Islam's holiest cities: Mecca. Because so many people that visited Mecca arrived by sea and landed on Jeddah's port, Jeddah has served as a resting point and a center of commerce ever since. It is one of the obligations of any Muslim to visit Mecca at least one time in his or her life, and circle the Kabbah. This is one reason why Jeddah became so paramount to Muslims around the world.

Historical Influences on Jeddah

Jeddah has been conquered by many different empires because it serves as a passageway to the rest of the region by sea and land. It has been conquered by almost anyone, from the Fatimids from Algeria all the way to the Ottoman Empire from Turkey. During the time of World War I, a prominent figure of Saudi Arabia, Sharif Hussein Bin Ali, started a revolt for the independence of the country from the Ottoman Empire. Bin Ali advocated the creation of an independent Arab state that would encompass the territory from Syria to Yemen.

World War I to Present

Soon after World War I, there was a new kingdom that was formed, and it became known as the Kingdom of Hejaz. Not long after the establishment of this new kingdom, King Hussein lost most of the kingdom's territory to King Ibn Saud. King Saud later annexed Jeddah after a second battle, and, in 1925, Jeddah fell under the control of Ibn Saud. The sultan's palace was built in Jeddah, the palace now serves as the grounds for two museums.

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