Getting There in Jeddah

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There are many things to see and do in Jeddah and getting there is easy by air or by road. Jeddah is part of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It has many different shopping malls and it is also a center for culture. Jeddah is located along the Red Sea and it is a heavily populated area. 

The International Airport

The King Abdulaziz international airport is an easy way to get to Jeddah, this airport is one of the biggest airports in the Middle East. There are two terminals in the airport, the Northern Terminal and the Southern Terminal. The Northern terminal is used mainly by all of the airlines that have their head quarters in the kingdom of Saudi Araby, while the Southern Terminal is exclusively used by all the other airlines that have their head quarters outside of the Kingdom. 

Traveling by Road to Jeddah and the Religious Restrictions on Women

There are a few pieces of information people need to know about visiting  Jeddah and getting there. Jeddah is part of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a Muslim State and heavily regulated by religion. For example, women are not allowed to drive alone in Jeddah, so males need to accompany them always. There are many different countries that border Jeddah and there are many different highways that provide an easy access to the city of  Jeddah. Getting there is also possible by train. The train offers a link from city to city and even international crossings for a small fee.

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