Getting Around in Jeddah

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Follow these Jeddah transportation tips to move around comfortably within the city, which is one of the most popular cities in Saudi Arabia

By Taxi

Taxi services are provided by major hotel chains. They are also known as ‘Water taxi,’ and the fares are reasonable. A ten minute ride will cost you SR 20. If you are looking for a cheaper option, then opt for the yellow colored taxis. These taxis have a rough exterior and are not air conditioned. Limousine taxi is another option available in Jeddah. These taxis will cost you more than the yellow taxis. Negotiate the fares with the taxi driver. Never pay more if the taxi driver claims that he is lost and takes longer routes.

By Car

You can also rent a car to explore Jeddah. Rental agencies charge SR 140 per day (50 USD). Do not worry about the fuel prices, as Jeddah is known for cheaper fuel. You can purchase road maps from the libraries or supermarkets. Avis and Budget are the popular rental services in Jeddah.

By Bus

You can also take a bus from main Albalad streets. Buses are a good option if you want to explore the local sights and sounds. You can also take private or smaller buses that provide a detailed schedule to passengers.

By Boat

If you want to enjoy the views of the Red Sea, then you should take a boat from Obhur, which is situated to the north of Jeddah. The fares are reasonable, and a one-hour trip will cost you around SR 200 (55 USD).

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