Family Travel Ideas in Jeddah

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There are many things to do in Jeddah and family travel ideas are also plenty in this wonderful city. There are many places that are family friendly like the Jeddah Science Oasis, the Al-Shallal Theme Park and Sail Island. Many of these venues have attractions for both, children and their parents. Most of these venues are not expensive and they often give the tourists their money's worth of fun and entertainment for the whole family.

The Jeddah Science Oasis

This venue is remarkable for the number of exhibitions it holds. There are 70 exhibitions. Many of these focus on the sciences, math and the human body. Children love the applications and the way the exhibitions are taught. This provides an opportunity for the whole family to learn together. There are many different water games in the Science Oasis found in Jeddah. The family travel ideas in this city are endless.

The Al-Shallal Theme Park

This theme park is the jack of all trades of theme parks. There is a huge roller-coaster and there is an ice-skating-rink in the park. It is said that Al-Shallal has one of the biggest roller-coasters in the whole region of the Middle East. To top that off, the theme park has the Amazon Ride. This ride has many life sized figures of animals and it recreates a lagoon and a waterfall. 

Now for those who think that the fun stops there, they are wrong. There is an area that has several halls for parties and other kinds of gatherings. There is even an arcade for teenagers and their parents to play while the kids run around the play ground area. There are several restaurants in the park that have different kinds of foods and they also have seafood.

Sail Island

This theme park is located on the coast of the Red Sea. There are many different fun activities for children in the park and also lots of good places to eat in. The surroundings of the place are impressive. There is a huge coral reef outside of Sail Island. There is also a huge pool for kids and the whole family to play or to just relax under the sun.

Sail Island offers a great way to escape the heat and the tedious sun. The theme park's name comes from the sails that were placed in order to give shade to the visitors and to provide them relief from the heat of the sun. These Jeddah family travel ideas will help tourists enjoy their vacation.

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