Eating Out in Jeddah

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Because there are so many different kinds of Jeddah restaurants, eating out here is a fantastic experience. Tourists can enjoy the variety and the contrast between western foods and traditional Arabic foods. In a way, the restaurants act as museums where people can learn different things about the history and the culture of Jeddah. 


This is one of the few fast food franchises native to Saudi Arabia. These restaurants only service the province of Makkah and three other provinces; there are only 25 of these restaurants in the region. Al-Baik serves chicken and offers many traditional dishes.

Most of these restaurants are very observant of Muslim traditions, so they make space for the prayer times. They close briefly to pray, and then they continue their service. At times, clients are allowed to remain inside the establishment while the prayers are being recited.

Al-Safina Restaurant

This restaurant serves three meals a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. People can take advantage of their "a la carte" dining, or they can enjoy their international buffets. The tables are made out of wood, and when the weather is warm, the restaurant also serves meals on its outdoor patio.

Local food

There are also many falafel shops in the region, and many different corner stands where people gather to enjoy their meals and socialize. The food is very inexpensive, and consists mainly of beef, chicken, and a varied assortment of vegetables. Coffee seems to be the beverage of choice, perhaps because alcohol has been outlawed in the region.

Shawarma appears to be the favorite dish in Jeddah. This dish is made with beef or chicken served in thin slices and accompanied with a nice salad and pita bread. Trying this exotic dish is one of the best ways to taste the culture of Jeddah.

Manhattan Sports Diner

Of course, there are many times when people get home sick while traveling abroad. To satisfy these people, as well as travelers who simply cannot get accustomed to the local cuisine, there is the Manhattan Sports Diner, serving western hamburgers and steaks.

Plasma televisions allow the patrons to watch their favorite live sports. This restaurant asks its patrons to dress in a casual manner. The crowd is very relaxed, and is made up of locals as well as tourists.

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Chennai Darbar

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Chennai Darbar, a south indian restaurant for the delicious south indian (Tamilnadu) cuisine.

type:Indian and Pakistani
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accessibility:Near Shadab Restaurant
address:Al-Sahafah street, Near Pakistani School, Azizya

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