Day Trips in Jeddah

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Following is a Jeddah day trips guide that tourists can use to visit neighboring cities or places in and around Jeddah.

Durrat Al Arus

Located about 40 km to the north of Jeddah, this is a tourist village that was established on the ancient village of Dahaban in 1996. Durrat al Arus offers tourists an opportunity to enjoy a fun-filled day, thanks to its residential villas, holiday resorts, markets, shops, cafes, and restaurants. The villas and resorts here are comfortable and luxurious. But more importantly, this beach village overlooks the Red Sea, which makes it ideal for watersports and other activities. The resorts at Durrat al Arus are equipped with modern facilities like massage parlors, saunas and swimming pools.


Not too far from Jeddah is the beautiful mountain town of Taif. Located in the Al Sawarat Mountains about 1,700 meters above sea level, this town is a perfect place to escape the heat of Jeddah. In fact, the Saudi Government moves to Taif every summer mainly for this purpose. Breathtaking mountains, natural areas and historical sites are abundant here. Some of the places to visit here include the Rock Carving site, Al Rudaf Park, the Turkish Fort, and Al Shafa. Getting to Taif from Jeddah is easy for Muslims, as it involves just an hour’s drive. However, non-Muslim tourists may have to set out early for Taif as they will have to take the “Christian Bypass” which adds about 100 km more to the journey.


At around 350 km from Jeddah, the town of Yanbu is closer compared to Medina. Tourists can hire a private car, which will take about 4 hours to get to here. The drive to Yanbu is fun and picturesque, as you generally follow the Red Sea coastline. This is an ideal place for tourists looking for water activities, as Yanbu has some excellent beaches. The water here is clearer compared to Jeddah, and boasts an abundance of coral reefs. Besides this, there are many restaurants and shops that offer tourists a break from the sea.

Al Bahah

The city of Al Bahah is another popular day trip choice for tourists in Jeddah. Situated a little further than Taif, this city also enjoys a pleasant climate. Tourists who enjoy hiking or trekking will find a day trip to Al Bahah enjoyable, as it is bordered by forests. Surrounding areas of the city reach altitudes of around 2000m, offering tourists spectacular scenery and views. Getting to Al Bahah is a 4-hour drive for non-Muslims, but an hour shorter for Muslims as they can pass through Mecca.

Mecca and Medina are two other popular places for day trips. However, only Muslims are allowed in both cities, as they are the holiest Muslim cities. Documentation is checked strictly before entering the city, and those found violating this rule are deported from the country.

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