Budget Travel Ideas in Jeddah

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This Jeddah budget travel guide will help you save money while visiting this Middle Eastern city.


The cheapest way for budget travelers to travel around Jeddah is by bus. However, this is not a common mode of transport. Buses in Jeddah are mostly found on particular main streets and fares are less than $1. There are two kinds of buses, large ones that are owned by the government and smaller private ones. Large buses don’t normally follow a schedule, so it is best for tourists to use smaller buses if they are on a schedule. Traveling by bus will also let tourists enjoy the sights and sounds of the city. Tourists can also choose to travel by the yellow taxis in the city. They aren’t air conditioned and may be a bit rough, but they are cheaper and faster.


There are very few budget friendly hotels in Jeddah as most of the hotels start from 3 stars. However, there are a few that offer good facilities at affordable rates. The Al Waha Hotel at Bani Malek King Fahd Bin Abdul Aziz is an ideal budget hotel for business and travel. The hotel is located in the center of the city and room rates start at about $47. Dunes Hotel is another budget friendly hotel in Jeddah that is located close to the airport and shopping malls. Amenities include air conditioned rooms, mini bar, laundry service, satellite TV and a good restaurant. Room rates start at around $65.


One of the best things about Jeddah is that it offers budget travelers a number of sights to see without the need to splurge. Tourists interested in history and culture should travel to the Old Town of Al Balad where they will find traditional markets and ancient buildings. Wander around this old city to get a real experience of Jeddah in ancient times. Another great place to visit is the King Fahd Fountain, which is the biggest in the world. For something more exciting yet affordable, visit the Jeddah Corniche, which offers excellent views of the Red Sea or simply relax on a beach and soak up some sun.

Eating Out

Jeddah boasts of numerous restaurants that serve all kinds of cuisines. In fact, eating out is part of the local culture. There are many budget restaurants where tourists can eat until they are satisfied without spending too much. Shawarma is a standard cheap meal in the city and tourists can choose their filling from chicken or beef. Hummus is another cheap local dish that is served at most places. Corner shops or falafel shops are also ideal for eating on a budget. Besides these, tourists can also eat at international fast food franchises like Burger King, McDonald’s, KFC, Domino’s Pizza, Subway and Pizza Hut.

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