Beaches in Jeddah

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In Jeddah, beaches are a great way to lounge and to have fun. People can do an endless array of activities, such as skydiving and snorkeling. The local people like to camp out on the beach, and men can often be seen fishing with their children. The beaches get crowded as locals and tourists try to scape the heat waves of the land. 

The Corniche

This strip of land runs along the edge of Jeddah and along the Red Sea. The corniche functions as an open-air museum; this is where the tallest water fountain of the world is found. The water fountain was named after King Fahid. This strip of land is the gathering place for lots of people from all over the world.

There are restaurant-boats in Jeddah that are operated by people who also organize snorkeling and scuba diving tours. The tours can range from one day to three weeks. Tourists can rent equipment such as wetsuits and scuba tanks for low prices. 

Beach Activities

In Jeddah, the beaches are often crowded with lots of people, and even camels. Jeddah is close to an assortment of coral reefs, so people can hire small boats to reach the coral reefs and snorkel. The best part about these tours is that they include food and drinks.

The consumption and sale of alcohol is not allowed in Jeddah, and perhaps because of this, people say that the most fun happens in the beaches of Jeddah. The beaches have a family atmosphere, and people often have picnics and play soccer. Tourists are provided a shuttle near their hotels that takes them directly to the beach.

Beach Resorts

There are many different beach resorts that offer luxurious amenities to the tourists who visit Jeddah. Because the resorts own part of the beaches, the guests are usually isolated from the local population and given more private stretches of beach. The resorts offer amenities such as separate pools for ladies and gentlemen, restaurants, and villas.

Tourists should note that in Jeddah, women do not dress in bikinis like in the West. Women are not allowed to wear revealing clothing in Saudi Arabia, not even when they are visiting the local beaches. Some of the beaches and pools are even segregated according to gender.

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Sardinia Beach Resort Jeddah

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Welcome to Sardinia Beach Resort, where you can escape the crowded city to Relax and Enjoy the beautiful scenery and natural environment. Sardinia Beach Resort is located in Jeddah - Obhour northern Saudi Arabia. The resort has 65 chalets of different sizes, have been carefully designed to give a sense of Sardinia.

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address:jeddah - North Obhour

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