Bars and Cafes in Jeddah

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This guide to Jeddah bars and cafes offers a glimpse of the nightlife to be found in this city. A helpful thing to know is that alcohol is officially banned in Saudi Arabia, due in part to Islam's prohibition of alcohol. It is hard to find alcohol sold at bars, restaurants and hotels because the government might take away the establishment's license. Because there is no alcohol, coffee is one of the most popular drinks in Jeddah.

Cafe Aroma

This is one of the most up-and-coming and fun cafes in Jeddah. The service is great, and they offer a wide variety of dishes and coffee blends. People will enjoy the pizzas, seafood, pasta, and sandwiches that are served there. Customers can choose between drinking cold coffee or hot coffee, or order one of the shakes from the menu.

Cafe Aroma is divided into two sections; one section is reserved for eating, and the other one for just coffee. However, the same service and quality of food is offered in both sections. The eating part of the cafe is usually used by families with children, while the cafe part is mostly used by single guests or couples. The decor of the cafe is great, with a blend between tropical and Arabic styles. 

Cilantro Cafe Jeddah

Cilantro Cafe is one of the newest sensations of Jeddah's bars and cafes. The cafe house is a ground-breaking concept that has introduced new kind of cafe to the Middle East. People who love to write poetry or stories can request the famous Red Book from a waiter and use it to share their thoughts or poetry with the rest of the guests. The poems that are written by the guests are published in a monthly magazine.

The first Cilantro Cafe was opened in Cairo, and then it spread to the rest of the Middle East. The cafe serves a variety of sandwiches and gourmet foods. The downside of this is that the prices are a bit high, but this does not discourage people from flocking to this cafe.

Cafe Ceramique

A local Arab franchise, Cafe Ceramique was founded in Dubai and slowly extended to Jeddah. It is located on the corner of Malek Road and Sari Street. People can come and eat their favorite pastries at this popular spot.

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