7 Day Itinerary in Jeddah

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Day One

Any Jeddah Itinerary should start by visiting the museums. The Al-Tayibat Museum has 300 rooms full of artifacts from different civilizations including coins, antique furniture and pottery, and the Marine Science College Museum has live fish as well as fossilized fish, and is a center for research of wild marine life.

Both of these museums are found on the Corniche of Jeddah. The best way of reaching any place in Jeddah is by riding a taxi. The taxi cab fare is about $1 USD for every ten minutes.

Day Two

The Corniche, Jeddah's coast along the Red Sea, has an open-air gallery with different sculptures by artists from all over the world, and is a great place to spend the greater part of a day. One of these sculptures is a "The Bicycle Roundabout" by Julio Lafuente. This sculpture's height is 15 feet. Some sculptures are representative of Islamic Religion: there are two swords that actually spell the word "Allah" if they are viewed from they right angle.

The Corniche runs from north to south along Jeddah's coast. There is one major bus line there: Khat al Baladia.

Day Three

Souq-al-Alawi is a market town where people can find spices, silks, flowers and pottery. The narrow cobblestone paths give the place a unique look. There are many people buying and selling goods here. Bargaining is an art form in Souq Al- Alawi market. The market is located on Ibrahim Al-Juffah Street.

Day Four

The Floating Mosque is another must-see when in Jeddah. This mosque is practically built on the Red Sea.There are 4 mosques located on the Corniche, but this one is the most famous. the Floating Mosque is a typical example of Jeddah's religious architecture.

Day Five

Scuba diving is a popular activity for tourists in Jeddah, as the city has great dive spots like  Tower Reef South Tip, Jebel Al-Tair and Abou Faramish. People can dive and look at the variety coral reefs and multi-colored fishes. The tours depart form the Corniche.

Day Six

Darrat-Al-Arrus is a tourist destination located on the norther part of Jeddah. Here people can waterski, wind surf and swim. There are many resorts in this area that have health clubs, spas and pools.

Day Seven

This Jeddah Itinerary is not complete without visiting Atallah Happyland, a place for people of all ages. There are as many as 60 rides, a supermarket, a cafeteria and a theater. The park has separate rides for adults and for children. Atallah Happyland is located along the 20 mile coast of Jeddah on Corniche Avenue.

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