top 5 must dos in Dammam

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Damman is the capital of the eastern province of Saudi Arabia. It has the judicial and administrative bodies of the Eastern province as well as most of the governmental departments inside the city. Damman is also the largest city in the eastern province and the third largest in all of Saudi Arabia. Here are some of the Dammam Must Do's.

1. Corniche Damman

If you’re interested in beautiful views in exotic places, then this is for you. This place offers a panoramic view of its own natural beauty. Damman Corniche forms part of a gigantic seaside project that stretches from Aziziah beach to the Tarot island. The Corniche has greatly expanded since 2007. In this area, there are massive modern art installations that reflect the exquisite artistry and creativity of their creators. The Corniche is typically a local destination for families and friends for their leisure time. This area has a place designated specifically for sports and some game facilities.

2. Coral Island

This place specializes in family fun. This is the first island tourist industry away from the Corniche. Visitors can climb to the top and watch the city from above. This place isn’t only perfect for its views and family activity, but it’s an ideal area for amateur fishing.

3. Half Moon Bay

Half moon bay covers about twenty-two thousand hectares. This is one of the most popular beaches in the region. It gets its name from its semi-circle shape. If you’re less interested in beaches and more interested in tourist attractions, however, then you’re going to want to visit the two amusement parks that are in the vicinity. The first is the Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd Amusement Park. This place is in an open coast area. Next, you’re going to want to visit Sharky’s in Khobar in Jubail.

4. National Museum

Damman National Museum is placed on the fourth floor of the Damman public library, just opposite the Muhammad bin Fahd stadium. This particular museum focuses on the country’s history, culture and inhabitants through their displays of the people’s relics and handicrafts.

5. Shopping and Food

Damman is frequented by shoppers from the eastern region due to its large commercial complexes. These include malls and shops selling a diverse range of different goods and brands. This area has a great deal of different ethnic restaurants dedicated to various things. In this area, you can find anything from a McDonalds all the way to restaurants dedicated entirely to Pakistani food.

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