Things to do in Dammam

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This Dammam things to do list will surely help you get entertained while you are in the capital of Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province. Dammam is also popular for its seaside view, as this is a big port city in Saudi Arabia. For you to make your stay in Dammam worthwhile here are some of the things that you need to include in your to-do list.

Go Fishing

The best place to go fishing in Dammam is the Coral Island. This is an island tourist destination which is 1,800 meters away from Corniche. This place has a lighthouse and offers boating facilities for amateur sports fishing activity or you can just cast your line at the shore of the island where you are guaranteed to catch small-sized to average-sized fish using bait like cuttlefish and shrimp.

Visit the Heritage Village

The best place to see antique stuffs and old architecture is the heritage village. The heritage village stands like a solid fortress, offering a wide collection of antique jewelry, old photos, ancient weapons and others. This will give you a glimpse of how the people from Dammam lived their lives throughout the ages. Basically, the heritage village has everything that you need to know in Dammam.

Desert Camel Ride

Situated in the outskirts of Dammam is a huge expanse of sandy desert. However, this barren and desolate land is home to a lot of camels. There are many tours in Dammam that offer you a chance to ride the backs of these majestic desert animals for only a few dollars. You have to be very careful though, as camels can be feisty and can throw you easily off their backs.

Coffee -Persian Style

Experience a unique coffee time in Dammam surrounded by rich Arabian décor as you sit on top of a plush, rustic and ancient carpet. There are numerous cafes in Dammam that offer a unique Persian experience in drinking coffee. This is a perfect and unique way to spend your afternoon tea time.

Try Local Cuisines

You ought to try the local seafood dishes in Dammam. There are a lot of restaurants in Dammam that offer local cuisines in local table settings. To get the best gastronomic adventure in Dammam, make sure that you sample the many foods sold in restaurants and kiosks in Dammam Market.

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