Sights in Dammam

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There are several Dammam sights that should be on your list of things to see. Saudi Arabia is full of history and culture so have fun exploring this magnificent country.

Heritage Village

The Heritage Village is a top sight in Dammam. The building is five stories and has amazing architect. You will find ancient weapons, jewlery, extremely old photos and several other rare items. You also have the option of dining in one of the several rooms in this beautiful building. Each room is decorated in traditional Arabian decor.

Kings Fountain

The Kings Fountain is a top sight to see while in Dammam. The fountain is over 800 feet tall and is the tallest fountain in the world. The fountain is best seen at night when the lights are shining against the fountain. Make sure to have your camara ready because you will want to capture this sight.

Makkah Gate

Makkah Gate is an area that is busy twenty four hours a day. Makkah Gate is also a historic area that is worth the visit. The area is home to several mosques and other historic monuments.

National Museum

The National Museum gives focus to the history of Islam. The museum has over ten different galleries, several courtyards and there is a section of the house that holds several items owned by the founding King of Saudi Arabia. This museum is very extensive so plan on spending at least half the day if not more here.

Al Manarah

Al Manarah is a great restaurant that should be on your list of sights to see. Not only does this restaurant have fabulous food but the building itself is worth the visit. Don't be afraid to try out some of the traditional dishes while at Al Manarah.

Enjoy a Persian Experience

Stop by almost any coffee shop and you will be treated to a great cup of coffee. While sipping on your coffee you will sit on very old rustic carpets and will be able to enjoy the traditional Arabian decor. It is hard to believe that something as simple as ordering coffee will provide you with memorable experience. You will not be disappointed by this experience.

While in Saudi Arabia it can be tempting to take pictures of all the beautiful sights. Make sure you are not taking pictures of any government buildings and the Saudi people. Taking pictures of government buildings can be punishable by a fine and or jail. Taking pictures of the Saudi people can be a sign of disrespect.

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I am new in Dammam,want to see the sight historically & culture based. how I get help in all respect....

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