Nightlife and Entertainment in Dammam

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Visitors to Saudi Arabia should explore the unique nature of Dammam Nightlife options. Dammam is among the most commercially progressive of Saudi Arabian cities. In fact, it is counted among the most significant cities of the Gulf region. It should be noted that Dammam doesn’t offer the usual mix of nightlife options, as liberally as some of the other, more global destinations. This is primarily because Dammam has a slightly conservative lifestyle.  However, this doesn’t mean that Dammam nightlife options have nothing to offer—while the nightlife in this city is more restrained, it still offers a range of interesting options explained below:

Casual Nightlife

To those who like a bit of exploration, like getting acquainted with the natives of a place, the Eyal Bin Naser Market is recommended. This market often remains open beyond the scheduled timings. Visiting Bin Naser should be looked upon as a trip to discover the native customs of Saudi Arabia rather than a shopping locale.  This is the old part of the city and many of the shops and eateries are located within historic buildings. The market is brightly lit during the late evening, and is visited by the natives from surrounding cities, too. This also serves as the perfect opportunity to feast upon local delicacies. Famous eateries that offer a blend of Persian, Indian and sub-continental cuisine include the Dajen, the Kobar Shandani and the Spicy Meal. Tazej is recommended for its spicy barbecues.

Romantic Nightlife

One of the favorite nighttime activities in Dammam is strolling around the romantic coastline of the Half Moon beach. Located near to Khobar, the Half Moon beach-spread is frequented during the evening. It is particularly favored by couples of all ages looking to spend some time without being bothered by the usual buzz of a tourist destination. Another such option is the Corniche along the Jubail beachside. These two spots are perfect for those who prefer tranquility and the idea of walking along peaceful sands under the moonlight sky.

Typical Nightlife

For typical nightlife entertainment, visitors need to spend a bit more and visit the slightly upmarket hotels. Local pubbing is not encouraged in Dammam. The ideal spot for late-night partying is the Sheraton Dammam Hotel, often referred to as the "Tower." An ideal plan would be to visit the Bin Naser Market, have something substantial to eat, and then head towards the Tower later in the night. This way, visitors can save by avoiding the expensive food served at the Sheraton. Further, the Sheraton is just a few minutes away from the market area.

Budgeted Lounging in Dammam

A public place, the Aramco compound is open to all visitors. Unlike some of the niche facilities in Dammam that can be accessed by Saudi nationals only, Aramco welcomes everybody. Aramco is just a short bus ride away from Dammam’s commercial complex. There are two huge pools in Aramco, perfect for lounging during the late evening period. Along with this, visitors can look forward to a number of activities like bowling and visiting a small, in-house theatre. The facility is very well maintained, and the charges are minimal

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