Beaches in Dammam

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The city of Dammam, Saudi Arabia is located on the edge of the Persian Gulf. Tourism makes up a good part of the local economy, and Dammam Beaches contribute to that economy. Below are some of the best beaches to visit in this city.

Coral Island

Coral Island Beach is located off the shores of Dammam. This beach was first developed by the Saudi Kingdom as a place for tourists to relax. It only takes a 15-minute boat ride to reach the island from the mainland. The island as whole is covered with white sand and meadows. The island is famous for two things: fishing and its lighthouse. Tourists are encouraged to visit the lighthouse, especially at night. People willing to climb the steps will be rewarded with a fabulous view of the city, especially at night. Fishing is another tradition in Coral Island. While the island does not offer deep sea fishing, there is plenty of game in the water to ensure an amusing experience. For parents with small children, this is excellent place to introduce a beginner fisherman.  

Half Moon Bay

Half Moon Bay is one of the most popular beaches in Dammam. This white sand beach is pristine, as the local government has invested a number of resources in keeping it clean. The name “Half Moon” comes from the bay’s half circle shape. There is an artificial constructed off the shore for divers to explore. In recent years, that reef has failed to grow much coral, but a wide range of aquatic life makes its home in the vehicles used to construct the reef. Every Friday there are groups of divers that explore it. Half Moon Bay has an amusement park on the beach as well. For parents of small children, the amusement park is an excellent way to keep their little ones occupied. The beach is also home to a marina, so there are a number of semi-permanent residents among the beach goers. 

Al Azeezia Sandy Beach

Al Azeezia Sandy Beach is another popular beach in Dammam. The beach first gained notoriety in the 1980’s, when more Saudis joined middle class and started vacationing. Foreign nationals soon discovered Al Azeezia in the 1990’s after more ex-pats immigrated to Saudi Arabia. This beach is idyllic, with its white sand and turquoise water, and is rated highly by the government. People coming to the beach can choose to walk across the shoreline or fish off the pier. Today, this beach remains popular among citizens and visitors.

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