Cruises in Saudi Arabia

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Jeddah is an important city located near the Red Sea. It is the largest city in the province of Makkah, the most important seaport of the region, and one of the largest cities in the country. Jeddah is also the stopping point for most travelers on their way to Mecca.

Jeddah cruises can give travelers a fascinating view of the area's culture and  traditions while simultaneously providing them the best of comfort.

Grand Arabia Cruise

This cruise offers a unique cultural experience and lots of activities for every type of tourist. The Minerva ship offers the most luxurious comforts for its guests, including a library for guests to read, a lounge with various forms of entertainment, several restaurants, and a gym.

The cruise offers attractions such as tailor-made excursions, renowned guest speakers, painting, writing and singing workshops, yoga classes, and browsing through the extensive reference and fiction library. Evenings include fine dining, classical concerts, and after-dinner talks on different topics.

The cruise departs from Limassol, makes frequent stops in Latakaria, and then heads for Tartous. It travels along the Mediterranean and then toward Alexandria. Its final stop is Dubai.

Middle East Aqaba to Hodeidah Cruise

A millennium of sea experiences awaits travelers in the Middle East Aqaba to Hodeidah cruise. The hardworking Sea Cloud Cruises team of nautical and travel experts promise the perfect voyage for their guests. The Sea Cloud Hussar cruise gives travelers a great sailing experience, offering the comfort of a luxurious hotel and cutting-edge service.

This cruise also redefines luxury travel for those who posses sophisticated taste. The cruise is about a week long, depending on the route it takes. It usually departs from Aqaba and makes frequent stops in Sharm-El-Sheikh. It then heads toward Ain Sukhna, reaching Jeddah and continuing onto Hodeidah. The ship is a pleasing blend of modern design and comfort.

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