When to Go in Qatar

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The nation of Qatar in the Persian Gulf has spent its energies into modernization. The stereotypical Arabia that some go in search of is nearly lost. Over the past decade the country has attracted a lot of international attention. Tourists are welcomed and westerners allowed to be westerners. However, due to the climate there are certain times of the year that make the decision on Qatar, when to go quite easy.


Unless you like it hot, do not visit Qatar during the summer months. From May to nearly October the temperature averages 35 degrees C or close to 90 degrees F. Also, it isn't uncommon for the mercury to rise above 50 C/120 F. Keep in mind that the humidity can topple 90 percent, making the air heavy, hot and unbearable. Sandstorms are also a common occurrence in the country during the summer months. Fortunately, those who choose to brave the summer heat will find nearly every building is air conditioned.


Winter in Qatar is almost like spring in the northern regions of the United States. There are warm days, cool nights and even the occasional rain shower. Throughout December and January the average daily temperature can easily rise to the mid 70s. Nights can be quite chilly but seldom cold.

Fall and Spring

The Autumn months from October and November and the spring months of April and May are nice times to visit. The weather is quite warm but not as oppressively hot as in the summer. Mid to high 80s and even the low 90s is common. The nights will still get cool and the occasional cool breeze will bring some relief.

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