Top 5 Must Do's in Qatar

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In recent years the oil rich country of Qatar has attracted foreigners as visitors. There are five Qatar Must Do’s when visiting the country. The rich history and culture of Qatar makes it hard to limit the destination choices but ones that stand out are Palm  Tree Island, the Doha Center Mall, Safari on the Dunes, Aladdin’s Kingdom and the Doha International Airport.

Palm Tree Island

Palm Tree Island is man-made island located in the Doha Bay. a 10-minute boat ride from Corniche. The cost of the  trip is $4 USD for a round ticket and the boat operates seven days a week from 9:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. This island is especially popular with families as it offers a variety of activities for people of all ages. When docking at the island visitors can indulge in seafood meals in restaurants and explore the beaches. For special a Middle Eastern experience, tourists can ride camels around the island.

Safari on the Dunes

Qatar is 94 percent desert with the natural dunes. Safari on the Dunes is exciting adventure for the tourists. Safari provides tours of most of the country. Visitors can see the limestone outcrops of BirZekreet or the sand dunes of Mesaieed. Some tours provide a dune racing for the more adventurous tourists.

Doha City Center Mall

Doha City Center Mall is the largest mall of the Middle East. The mall is home to over 350 stores, many of which are Western chains. The mall offers a variety of Western and Arabic foods. What also makes this mall famous is the ice skating rink at the lower level. During the weekend there are over 50,000 people a day who visit the mall. Most people need a full day to see everything inside the mall.

Aladdin’s Kingdom

Aladdin’s Kingdom is the only amusement park located in the Persian Gulf and is considered a family fun destination. Entrance into the park costs the patron 25 Qatar Riyels. Rides require additional tickets, with an allotted amount included with the entrance fee. One of the more interesting facts about this park is that addition to the traditional fare like roller coasters it allows access to both men and women. The park is open six days a week and is closed on Saturdays.

Qatar National Museum

The Qatar National Museum exhibits the history of the country from ancient times to the present. The museum is housed in a former presidential palace. The exhibitions contain a natural history section on the animals, both past and present, that are part of the Qatar. Entrance to the museum costs five Riyels. 


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