Senior Travel in Qatar

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Things to do on Senior Travel in Qatar

Include these tips in your Qatar senior travel plans. This independent city has risen from being a British subordinate to being one of the richest countries for natural gas and oil with wide opportunities for seniors to enjoy their vacation. When traveling in Qatar, one should break up the trip into parts to appreciate its beauty fully. Doha and Rayyan are major metropolises, while Wakra and Al-Khor are great municipalities for day trips or even weekend vacations.

Stroll through Doha

Doha is the capital of Qatar, and there are plenty of modern conveniences and places to visit. The best places to stroll and chat are the simple promenades and parks. The Corniche is one of the best destinations. It is a seaside promenade where one can walk, jog or bike. It’s also ideal for just simply drinking coffee and chatting with a friend amidst the plenty of expats who exercise here. While strolling, check out interesting sights like the Orry and Water Pots Fountain. Rumeila Park and Palm Tree Island are also near Corniche. There are children’s playgrounds, art galleries and nearby cafes to idle in this area.

Try some Sheesha

Sheesha is a fruit-flavored tobacco, and smoking it is a popular pastime all over Qatar. Most Middle Easterners drop by for some sheesha in their sidewalk cafes every afternoon. You can also try some sheesha after eating in some great Middle Eastern Restaurant in major cities like Doha’s Ras-Naswa.

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