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Around Doha:

Like parts of Europe, shops typically close between 1 and 4 pm for a leisurely afternoon lunch period. Most of the small shops or souks/souqs then reopen and stay open until around 8 pm. Generally, shops located at the major malls such as Carrefour, stay open during the afternoon siesta period.

Most business purveyors speak English fluently. Prepare to haggle for prices (it would be considered rude not to), and women generally have more luck in getting a greater price reduction than men, depending on the industry. Most shops now accept credit cards, but the smaller souqs still require cash payment. Since Doha is rapidly becoming a financial powerhouse in the Gulf, ATMs and banks are prevalent.

Note: In the summer of 2008, the main block south of the national mosque where the majority of souqs were located was walled off and appeared to be leveled down to rubble. The jewely district is still mostly open.

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The local currency is the Qatari Rial (QAR)

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