Getting There in Qatar

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This Qatar getting there guide will give you an idea of how to get to this amazing destination in the Middle East. Qatar is also called Dawlat Qatar. The nation is an Arab emirate that occupies the Qatar Peninsula in the northeast of the Arabian Peninsula. This nation is rich in oil and gas and holds the 3rd largest gas reserves in the world. Here are a few tips you can use while planning a trip to Qatar.

Traveling by Air

Qatar is served by the Doha Airport, which is approximately 8 km from the city. The national carrier of Qatar is Qatar Airways, which operates regular flights to Qatar from different parts of the world. Unfortunately, if you are traveling from the United States, there is no direct flight to Qatar. However, you can take a flight to London and take a flight to Qatar, which will take around 7 hours.

Traveling by Road

You can also get to Qatar by road. If you are traveling from the United Arab Emirates or from Saudi Arabia, you can drive to Qatar in your car. You will need to have a Saudi Arabian or a United Arab Emirates visa or transit visa before you travel to Qatar. There are also buses that travel to Qatar from Saudi Arabia. You will need to make reservations in advance if you plan on using the bus to get to Qatar.

Qatar also has two ports: Umm Said and Doha, both of which are mainly for commercial use.

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