Family Travel Ideas in Qatar

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One of the most preferred Qatar family travel ideas is visiting the historical town of Al-Khor. The old town of Al-Khor houses one of oldest ports in the Middle East.

Getting There

Al-Khor is located about 45 minutes away from northern border of Doha. There are many options for reaching Al Khor. Visitors can book a cab-ride that usually drops passengers in the central part of the town. Family visitors who wish to drive to Al-Khor should stick along the Suhaim Bin Hamad route. This is most undemanding road, with minimal traffic. From the underpass of the Hamad Hospital, visitors should drive straight to Al-Khor. Those who are ready for a longer trip can spend some time at the Losail Racing Track that is located a few kilometers before Al-Khor.

Fishing Harbor

Al-Khor has a famous, fishing harbor that has a small fishing market located near it. A museum in the central part of town displays some rare archaeological findings from Qatar and neighboring nations. The museum also has many books that explain the evolution of the Arabic culture over the last, few centuries.


From the main harbor, visitors can continue their trip towards Al-Ruwais. This is one of Qatar’s premium beaching locations. Around the beach, visitors can see the traditional Arabic guest rooms or 'majlis'. Here, tea is served in the traditional, Arabic manner along with regional, Qatari sweets.

Explore Qatar History

After having their refreshments, visitors can move towards the Al-Rakayat Fort. Located at a walkable distance, this fort provides insight into the military history of the Gulf Region. Camel rides at cheap rates are easily available here. A small camel-ride away from Al-Rakayat is the Al-Zubarah Fort.

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