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Doha is amaizing city it is the best city to enjoy in Qatar. There are 4 clubs in Doha: Pearl, Admiral, Paloma(Latino). But the best news is you will always find them packed with Qatar Airways Crew, so the question "Where do you work?" is absolutely useless. Cloudnyn is a must visit for all those night-life enthusiasts. Courteous staff, well-priced drinks, great music & efficient management seems to be the hall mark. You can see the Incharge taking rounds of all tables, greeting guests and ensuring customer service is of the highest level. Overall its a great experince to be at Cloudnyn.


Today is 29.06.2007 and I must for all other visitors to this club write that all this is not true because yesterday night I was whit friend at door of this Cloudnyn bar and the security gorillas doesnt permit entrance in bar. I searching at home in Europe where to go when I come to Doha and look at this hospitality.

At first they treat us very bad...small cinic laughing of 5 people in entrance...and they say this is just for Hotel guest or club cards and for couples man and woman...

Never come back and this is lies about this so popular club in Doha.




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Global DJs - International club night

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Dohas number 1 night out.

Bringing world famous international DJs.

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