Budget Travel Ideas in Qatar

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Qatar budget travel brings you various budget tips that you can use to visit this wealthy Middle East Arab Emirate. It is the home of grandiose palaces and shimmering desert sands. Even in this supposed-to-be barren land, tourists attractions still abound, and you can visit Doha and other interesting places at a lower cost if you have an idea of how to do it.

Budget Hotels

If you are on a tight budget and do not want to spend so much on big, luxurious rooms, then Almourouj Inn Hotel can offer you $99 per night accommodations. Along with the hotel are eateries that provide exotic Arabian cuisine with very affordable prices. You can eat for as low as $15 to $50, with a loaf of bread costing less than $2. Depending on how voracious you are, you could spend more on food. Wine, though, is very rare in this oil-rich country.  

Budget Fare

Qatar Airways offer a budget contingency plan for International passengers. Airlines that offer low cost fares are Etihad Airways offering $2585 for a round trip ticket from New York to Doha, Qatar. Bahrain Air, Air Arabia and Air India offer cheaper prices too. Inside Qatar, you can use sea vessels or cars to travel. You can travel by foot or by camel if you want to save on costs. Backpacking is one great way to save money, however, you should travel with a group. A railway is being constructed which can be cheaper than the other means of transportation.

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