Beaches in Qatar

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Surrounded by Arab countries, Qatar has been traditionally characterized as a desert. But with one side of the country facing the sea, Qatar has some amazing beaches to offer. Qatar Beaches are really beautiful and very clean. As with many of the oil-rich Arab nations, Qatar has a special relationship with the luxurious. The Qatari beach experience is no exception in this respect!

Khor Al Udeid

Otherwise known as the inland sea, Khor al Udeid is situated on the southeast tip of Qatar. The land formation of the place is such that the sea pierces the land, creating an inland beach that divides Qatar from Saudi Arabia. Each side of the sea provides a different view – the Qatari side has magnificent white sand dunes, while the Saudi side has pink cliffs that stretch high above the ground. Beach activities are common but largely undeveloped, being largely a fishing village. Just sit back and enjoy the unspoiled beauty of the place.


Those looking for a more central location can choose beaches near Doha, the capital city of Qatar. These are largely prime beaches – kept private by the various luxury hotels that are around the area. The Four Seasons Hotel keeps a private beach, available strictly for guests. For those who prefer not to splurge, Palm Tree Island is the perfect place for you. A sand bar laced with beautiful, clear waters, the island is a five-minute boat ride from the newly established Al-Corniche along the Doha Bay.

Fuwairat Beach

Located north of Doha, the Fuwairat Beach is unique in its own way. Standing along the narrow strip of beach, it is difficult to ignore the hanging rock structures that appear along the cliffs. These rock formations, caused by many years of corrosion by wind and tide, create patterns and shadows along the beach that appear spectacular in the sunset. In the turtle season, this beach is the nesting ground, and it is common to see turtles and wildlife lovers along the sand at low tide.

Mesaieed Beach

Another beach located along the southern coast of Qatar, the Mesaieed Beach is smaller than most others listed here. However, with strong winds and waves, the beach is popular among both tourists and locals alike. The consistent winds allow for the popular sport of surfing on this beach, and on weekends, this place is usually crowded with people. Qatar offers so many beautiful beaches, all perfect with fine, white sand and turquoise waters, yet with each of their own unique characteristics.

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Umm Bab (90 km West of Doha) Distance from HIA: ~1.5 hours Show Map-  Umm Bab is also known as Palm Tree Beach because of the small cluster of palms at the end of the road alongside the small breakwater. From Doha, take Salwa Rd, clocking 29 km from the industrial area and passing the Mukainis satellite earth station. Turn right and follow the road for a further 40 km until you reach the roundabout at the Umm Bab cement works. Go straight across and take the right-hand fork, passing a small ‘trading store’ on your right. As you crest a small more..

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