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accommodation in Qatar

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Not only will Qatar Hotels range in price, but what they have to offer in terms of amenities and services will vary. While you are on vacation you are not going to be spending a ton of time at your hotel because you will be out seeing the sights. However, you will still want to select a hotel that offers great customer service at an affordable rate and specific amenities that you cannot live without.

Movenpick Tower & Suites

Inside each of the hotel rooms you will be treated to free bottles of distilled water. Each morning there is a buffet breakfast for guests, which is served hot and fresh. For dinner you have the option of partaking in a buffet or going out on the town to eat. One of the only things missing is a bar. Prices for the hotel average $240 a night.

Sealine Beach Resort

If you are looking for a place to avoid, this resort would top your list. Although the hotel is located in a great location and appears to be very inviting it is still a place to avoid. At the hotel you will be required to sign a variety of documents, including one that lists the price of every item in your room in case anything is lost or damaged during your stay. You will also have to put forth numerous deposits, including one for room service. The beach that is located outside the hotel is dirty and not a nice place to visit. For $150 a night you can get better service anywhere in Doha.

Al Sultan

This is the only hotel that you can find in the city of Al Kohr. The hotel itself is nice, but everything is overpriced because there is no other competition. If you enjoy being in a quiet location Al Kohr is the perfect place to go, but not very many travelers come this way because the city is nothing like it is described in travel brochures. Rooms in this hotel average $626 a night.

Le Mirage Sharq

Although there is no restaurant located inside of the hotel, you can order food from local restaurants to be delivered, including fast food. The hotel is in a superb location, it is located close to the airport and city center. You can reach the souqs and Al Cornish Street in 15 minutes by foot, faster if you opt to drive. A hotel room here costs on average $96 a night.

La Cigale Hotel

Perhaps the best thing that the hotel offers is the breakfast buffet because of the great selection of food, but also how attentive the service is during breakfast. The only drawback to the food that is being served is that the main courses being offered are limited to a small number. In addition, a rooftop bar offers you a chance to listen to a live disc jockey every night, while sitting and having a drink. The price for a room is around $324 a night.

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Ascott Doha

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Boasting of exquisite panoramic views over the Arabian Gulf, these prime serviced apartments have convenient access to the diplomatic district and renowned shopping destinations like City Centre Mall.

type:Middle Class
World66 rating:[rate it]
tel:+974 4497 1111
address:Diplomatic Area, PO Box 207274, Doha, Qatar

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