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Qatar is a small peninsula in the Persian Gulf. It looks like a big thumb 'way up'.

The country is small but offers quite a few interesting things to the visitors. Doha, the capital city of qatar, is a nice town with good beaches nearby and lively markets. The city itself has a beautiful developing skyline: whether you want to go shopping in one of Doha's many huge malls, or whether you want to tan in one of the many different hotels with beautiful beaches, there is always something to do. There are many activites you can pursue in and around Doha such as game fishing, although you'll have to look hard to find a decent boat to take you,  dune bashing, scuba diving, sailing and sand boarding.

Access to alcohol is restricted, but can be obtained  in hotel bars, clubs and restaurants and at one of the two alcohol shops in the country (if you have an alcohol permit). There are rumours that restrictions will be loosened further with the coming Asian Games.

Khor Al Udeid, or the Inland Sea, in the extreme south-east of the country, is of great natural beauty. This is a large area of natural sand dunes, surrounding a calm inlet of the Gulf. The dunes are quite stunning - tall, shapely sand masses formed by the prevailing winds and subject to radical overnight changes of shape. Half the fun of going to the Inland Sea is getting there - there are no roads leading there, and the entire trip is made with 4x4s through the desert and through the sand dunes. This is something which is not to be missed if visiting Qatar, and there are many places where tours can be set up.

Al Wakra is only ten minutes from Doha. It did contain a photogenic harbour, but this is currently being dug up. It did contain a superb beach, but this is currently being dug up. It also contained Mangrove swamps, but these are also being dug up.

There are several forts in Qatar, giving a glimpse into the past history of the country.

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